Who can join the EIUG?

Any Library/Information Service which has a current contract with Innovative Interfaces Inc. (III) may join the European Innovative Users Group.

Aims of the EIUG

  • To serve as a forum to influence the development and improvement of Innovative Interfaces Inc. (III) products for the benefit of EIUG members
  • To foster and improve relationships and communication among members, and between members and III
  • To gather and disseminate information on the use of III products among the users of the system
  • To administer an email discussion list and web page
  • To promote communication among users to help us all to make the best possible use of our investment.
  • To organise training, exchange of experience events and an annual conference for the benefit of members.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • The EIUG is an effective forum for the discussion and resolution of problems affecting the European users of III products
  • The EIUG can more effectively influence the development of III’s services and products if it has the backing of a large membership
  • Members can be part of a forum where it is possible to meet with fellow users of III products and discuss issues of common concern
  • Members will be informed of all developments which may affect European users of III products
  • Members can influence the enhancement developments by participating in the voting process
  • Members will be part of a group which liaises with III to continually develop their systems to benefit users and to be commercially viable
  • Members have access to training and exchange of experience events organised by the EIUG committee
  • Members can attend the annual conference at a preferential rate to non-members

EIUG Constitution

Read our Constitution

For further information on becoming a member, please contact the EIUG treasurer, Lucy Clifford.